Thursday, 12 April 2012

Season's Change

It's that time of year where the days become shorter, the nights become longer and before you know it, you've overslept because the power failure from last night’s rain storm cut off your alarm clock. Pull out those blankets and say goodbye to our beloved summer days and hello to those dreaded winter nights.
Stuck at home congested with the viral plague, I started thinking about the seasons and their temperamental nature. Four times a year we experience these magnificent transitions, one more extreme than the next. From the sweltering heat of lazy summer days to chilling winds and miserable winter rain; from the dull, lifeless atmosphere that autumn brings to the vibrant nature of spring’s awakening. Yes, all four seasons have their own distinct characters, and while most Capetonians are able to experience all four of these characters in a day, I could not help but wonder whether the same extremes applied to relationships? Are relationships broken down into various stages and if so, what happens when we’re caught in a storm? Do we bail out and move on or wait for the sun to come out again? 
The seasonal cycles got me thinking about my turbulent relationship with Jaden. Like most of my relationships, this one started off with a spring; young, fresh, new and bursting with potential. It’s hard to forget those first few dates filled with flowers, butterflies and virgin territory when something is definitely blooming but you’re not quite sure what it is. Then suddenly out of nowhere you’re hit with this intense sensation, a heat wave of passion and before you know it, you’ve transitioned into the next phase of the relationship; hot amazing sex with cocktail induced nights of crazy summer loving. It’s the sunniest of dispositions to be in and like everybody else you wish for that endless summer. But what happens when the sizzle slowly fades away? What happens when the winds of change are more than just a breeze but a forecast for a stormy future? Should we stick around and wait for it to pass or move onto to a different climate? Was he always this cold and distant or was I merely blinded by the light of the sun?  

Seasons change all the time and while we may be able to anticipate them, we are not always able to predict a change of heart. While a summer fling may lead into a winter cuddle, know that it could also die out and be blown away in the swirl of the wind. Let the rain wash over you until you are ready to rise again. You never know what kind of new possibilities are budding before you…       

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