Friday, 6 January 2012


Once upon a time in a faraway land called Rugby there was a gay boy called Manni. Manni was a high school student with hopes of becoming a performer just like Britney Spears. Everyday, Manni would come home from school and turn on MTV in the hopes of catching his idol's latest music video. He would record each and every single clip onto VHS and study every single intricate choreographed move by the likes of Christina Aguilera, NSYNC, Pink and The Backstreet Boys. One fateful day Manni decided to quit High School and attend a professional college for performing arts. He begged his Catholic Portuguese parents to let him audition. "You need Maths, Emanuel!! You can't get any work without Maths!!!"

True to his dramatic self, Manni overdosed on Panado to prove that his 'life would be over' if he did not perform. Hi s parents had no choice. The audition day arrived and Manni was sweating more than a Mexican being smuggled over the US border. His audition included a monologue from Shakespeare's Othello, a song by Alicia Keys and dance routine to Britney's Stronger complete with chair and twizzle stick. He felt as if his 2 months of practice had paid off.  

It was a Tuesday mourning when he got called into the principal's office to get the news that he had been waiting for. His destiny was about to change forever. She opened up her mouth and said: "Manni, you are simply too!"

The irony is that 70% of the graduates from this so called prestigious college are either waiters at Beefcakes and Stardust or performing drag shows for 100 bucks a pop, welcome drink included. As for the other 30%, they had money. If bitter is the new black and she had a name, that name would be Manni. Welcome to my blog...join me on a blogging journey as I share life changing events experienced by the 20 something year old where dreams are put on the back burn and reality bites harder than your second hand grenade at happy hour! I dedicate this blog to the dreamer with a dream caught up in the systematic matrix called life.

As for the name, Sex in the CT...well I live in Cape Town and sex is very much like the life I live...invigorating, overrated, exciting, nerve wracking, beautiful, disappointing, awesome as my one friend Jo-Anne would say, draining, surprising, intense ...Sex sells and at some point in your life somebody is going to try and screw you!!

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  1. And here I thought the blog was called that cos you're as Fab as Samantha or Carrie from Sex in the City! :)

    Funny read :)