Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Secret

My hypocritical eyes wander like an explorer,
Blindly into the crevices of secretive lives,
The adventures that lurk behind the corner
Are covered in shameless, pitiful guise

The battle was born between conscience and faith
A war between head, heart and feet
The bombs that we threw by foolish mistake
Made morality suffer defeat

My memory stings like salt to a wound
The blanks unhinge like a haunting
These blossoms of lust have gone into bloom
Without any hint of a warning


Resilience cannot be taught through the base of a shiny, shallow spoon
It has to be forced down the gullet and earned like a callous
Hiding hard and hideous beneath ones shoe

What does my pale skin know about privilege and strength?
Cursed with diligence and bound by indifference,
A slave forever fashioned to fit their mold
A pound for the flesh but a shilling for your soul

Powerless and inferior to the monsters who call themselves gods
Whose babes were inbred and serpent like
Slithering silently through gardens of limitless pleasure
The reward for obedience, infinite treasure

Survival of the fattest whose pockets run deep
Blessed are we who are tender,
What good are the heavens, the kingdom, the glory
If we rarely reap seeds of our labor

Mr. Monday night

"Beware of the serpant" the innkeeper said,
As I walked into Eden in search of a bed
His name wasn't Adam, nor Peter nor Paul
A sight for the sockets, so handsomely tall

He beckoned to follow him under the tree
So I lit a smoke and decided to free
My thoughts, inhibitions, original guise
Believe me, you would have if you'd seen his eyes

His garden was green but not that much greener
And as for the fruit, well I have had sweeter
Not much of a talker but boy when he moved,
Like synchronized swimming, on point and in tune

We both reached the mountain, one rock at a time
Our bodies ignited, his first and then mine
A precedent set by a Saint made of skin
Hold onto your stones if you live without sin

The day he cheated...

Lightening struck the same place more than twice that day,
The clouds should have been a warning
Deceived by doubt and skies of uncertainty
Day in, day out every morning

Soul said one thing but heart said another,
My mind was slightly unstable
And while the tides turned into seas of temptation
My body was willing and able

The thought was enough to live out its sentence,
The crime a true test of faith
Caught in a prison without any warden would warrant a reason to stray

And now looking on alone in this tower
The question still seems so unclear
Should I bury the burden that hoards all the power, or carry the weight of my fear?

Fire is catching

The fire choked the wood sticks black
Smokey sweeping shadows emerged from the ashes
The smell of rot sinks deep into my skin
Like an everlasting essence that stings me like thrashes

One. Two. Three times a liar
Shame on me twice but the third time inspired
Burn through the pages that speak to my soul
The Phoenix is rising from dust into coal

I know who made me what I am today
And I know what made me who I was back then
Predications are futile when it comes to the flame
This fire is catching and will scorch once again

Where is the moon tonight?

Where is the moon tonight? She cried
Is he hiding well and clear from sight?
Like Venus searching for her perfect Mars
She always wonders where you are?

A feeling stirs just like the ocean
That wave crashing, baptized emotion
A sudden swell of salty tide
Ebbs and flows through time's demise

Where is the moon tonight? She'd sigh
That glorious glow of flickering light
No guarantee or hope of your return
Tomorrow's sun is where she'll burn

Where is the moon tonight? She'd cry
Does he know that all she did was try
The stars are plenty but compare to none
For the moon my love, can only be one