Thursday, 17 January 2013

The 30-Year old Virgin

When you type the word "virgin" into your search engine, the only immaculate conception you'll find is the one belonging to Mr. Richard Branson. Non-alcoholic beverages, mobile service providers and an iconic video of Madonna tramping around Venice in an 80's fashioned wedding gown are just a few more results that are bound to pop up. Let's face it, virginity is virtually lost in this day and age thanks to the amount of sexual imagery shoved in our faces on a daily basis. Temptation is everywhere from advertising and online sex tapes to billboard pin ups and scantily clad models promoting Calvin Klein undies. How on earth are we supposed to remain chaste when bad seems to be the new good?

As young female adolescents, you are warned about the dangers of premarital sex and the male delinquents who will stop at nothing to get a sneak peek at our forbidden fruit. It's a lesson that so many young ladies seem to fail to grasp from an early age, and while its easy to blame it on peer pressure and television, the truth is that girls are just as curious about sex as boys are. It's in our human nature to explore the human body and to lust over the same or opposite sex. Even modern day perceptions of Adam and Eve are sexually appealing.

But what about the good girls and boys who have managed to stick it out (or keep it in for that matter) all this time? The brothers and sisters of celibacy that make the rest of us feel and look like sluts in comparison? Are they hoping for a VIP pass into heaven while the rest of us whore our way to hell or do they honestly believe in waiting for that someone special? Surely experimentation and mild promiscuity has its benefits in the long run, particularly when it comes to the sexual satisfaction of your partner and yourself? Can virginity really exist in this era of voracity era and if so, how do they rise above? 

Marilyn was your typical playboy bunny in appearance. She was cute, blonde, bright eyed, double D'd and came with a personality as bubbly as a bottle of Graham Beck. Her sexual charisma was a force to be reckoned with, a power that successfully earned her many free drinks and loads of male attention. If there was a warm blooded male within a two meter radius, I can guarantee you that Marilyn would have turned his head. She was literally a walking centrefold, the human Barbie and the ultimate man magnet.

The surprising thing about Marilyn is that despite all of her sex appeal, she had never blown her skirt up for anyone. Don't get me wrong; she's certainly no prude and has had her fair share of fooling around but when it comes to going all the way, don't bother knocking on Marilyn's door. She's one of those frustrating people who strongly believe in no ding ding before the wedding ring; a moral that seemed to be so unrealistic to someone like me. Was the thirty year old virgin as delusional as the star she was named after or were her standards and morals something to be admired?

I had always been intrigued by her choice to remain celibate which made Marilyn one of the most interesting people I know. She knew it frustrated me and took joy in taunting me about it. Why on earth would anyone deny themselves the joy and pleasure that comes with being sexually active, especially when you're as hot as Marilyn? Was masturbation and cunnilingus really enough for her? Did she honestly believe that she would find a man who was okay with sexual abstinence? And what happens if the right man did come along but failed to satisfy her? Would the wait have been for nothing?

All these questions are usually met with "you gotta have faith, Ms. Bradshaw". I guess that's what makes Marilyn so special, the fact that she's a walking contradiction with a heart of gold and a soul full of faith. Perhaps I gave it up too soon but I have no regrets when it comes to sex. Some girls like it hot and that ain't bad. You can blame the world for moral decay as much as you like but at the end of the day it comes down to personal choice and decisions, and the willpower it takes to exercise that right.

When it comes to sexual abstinence, I couldn't help but wonder, is it really worth the wait?

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